Create an Altar

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A personal altar has several purposes: It dedicates a space to the things that are most important to you - a goal, an idea or focus in your life. It can add beauty to any space in your home; it provides a place to reflect on your personal or spiritual priorities. It fills a space with your unique, personal, creative and spiritual energy! It is a work that expresses your imagination and intuition.

AIR/EAST: Symbolizes new beginnings, conception, and the dawn. Examples: feather, wing, glass, blade, pen, essential oils, anything that helps you.

FIRE/SOUTH: Passion and inspiration. High noon. Examples: beeswax candles, matches, orange/yellow/red flowers or crystals, images of passion & curiosity.

WATER/WEST: Past, exploration, the dusk, a place of grandmothers and fertility. Examples:  bowl, goblet, a chalice of water, mirror, seashells, river rocks, salt.

EARTH/NORTH: Death, creation, transformation, midnight. Examples: stone, bone, crystal, a plant, dried herbs/flowers, pinecones, acorns, corn.

CENTRE: Empowerment of all that is. Centre holds life, death, rebirth, and all in between. It's the creative void, both vibrant and fecund emptiness. It's that which occupies the centre of your circumference, your daily tarot card, crystals or anything else you wish to empower.

Integrate the altar into your home decor (for example - use an unused windowsill, fireplace mantle, nightstand, a little table in your bedroom, or zen den).  Set intentions and integrate them into your daily routines.

When you write, reflect, practice yoga, do a face mask—whatever your sacred time looks like—do it at your altar. If it's not one you can sit near, take an object from your altar and move it to where you are. By doing this, you'll charge up your altar and the items on it.